Saku Brewery

The oldest brewery in Estonia

The brewing traditions in Estonia and Livonia date back to 1820, when Count Karl Friedrich Rehbinder built a distillery and a brewery on his estate on the bank of the Vääna River. From the same year onward the beer masters of Saku have brewed good Estonian beer from the best local groundwater, malt, hops and yeast.

As the oldest brewery in Estonia, Saku Brewery takes pleasure in introducing to you its history, production process and products.

The excursion lasts for ca 1.5 hours, some of that time will be spent in the brewery learning a few facts about the production processes and some will be spent on tasting of the products of Saku Brewery – water, soft drinks, cider and beer.

The recommended number of people in a group is 10 to 48. The group is attended by a professional guide, who speaks Estonian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish or English as preferred by the participants.

After the excursion it is possible to buy souvenirs from Saku Brewery (steins, beer glasses and mugs, T-shirts, etc.).

Total duration of this tour is 3,5 hours.

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