Lahemaa National Park

The best known national park of Estonia

Lahemaa and its national park are located around 70 km to the east of Tallinn. By the road there are many historic sites. The countryside is dominated by mossy pine forests, ice age rocks and large sandy beaches.

Romantic Altja fishing village displays the lifestyle from the time fishing was the predominant source of income for the locals. In 1993 a maritime museum was opened in a czarist barracks, where besides the traditional maritime history one can also see the illegal spirits smuggling history on display. Today the best food and beverages are served in quaint Altja tavern, 18th century Viitna tavern, Lamba-Adan pub and the sophisticated Sagadi manor restaurant.

Lahemaa is the most famous of Estonian manor areas. The baroque complex of Sagadi is one of the best preserved in the whole country. Another famous manor complex in Lahemaa is Palmse, which is currently in use as visitor's center. The pearls of the manor mystique are the swan pond, the conservatory and the intriguing collection of old cars. Other spectacular manors in the area are Mustjõe beachfront manor Vihula and the majestic Kolga Manor. Lahemaa National Park offers multiple opportunities to go hiking, horseback riding, cycling or touring the manors with experienced guides.

Excursion of the Lahemaa National Park lasts about 5-6 hours.

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