KGB Museum with sightseeing in Tallinn

Hotel Viru was built in 1972, just a little less than 20 years of the Soviet period was left to endure. A hotel, good enough to accommodate foreigners, also had to be good enough for the national security bodies – the KGB. The museum represents a collection of the stories of two worlds.

In one of them, mostly existing on paper, happy Soviet people enjoyed a life of plenty and friendship, led by a single wise political party. The other world – the real one – had a nature much more perse and complicated.

Floor II bar regains its former nickname Valuutabaar (Currency Bar). The Currency Bar used to locate on the same spot, but was considerably smaller and the guest of that time could only dream of the city view opening from the large windows. Old cocktails and other drinks surely offer the joy of recognition for the local people and new acquaintances for distant guests they would find nowhere else in the world.

During one hour bus tour the guide introduces the centre of Tallinn city and gives a brief overview of Estonian history. The tour continues at KGB Museum where the group will have a guided tour for approximately one hour.

Total duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours.

Group size: 10-20 pax

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