Kohtla Mining Park-Museum

Estonian deepest experience

Kohtla Mine was founded in 1937. The sorting of burning stone from the stones happened by hand work without any machines. Men worked mainly underground and women in the sorting tower. The mine differed from other mines because it dug oil shale from both above and underground at the same time. Kohtla Mine was closed on 1st of April 2001. Since autumn of the same year a Mining Park-Museum was opened.

It is one of the most interesting sights in Estonia.
The museum provides a good overview of the mining and use of oil shale, Estonia´s most important mineral resource. The guided tour takes you to mining tunnels located 8 meters below the ground surface. Different mining technologies and equipment will be demonstrated to you underground. You also will be offered a ride on the underground train- the same train that once transported miners to their workplaces. 
Also, a possibility to enjoy a miner´s lunch in an underground miner canteen is provided. The clothing should be sporty, warm and hiking shoes due to muddy places underground and rocky terrain are recommended. For safety reasons each visitor is given a miner helmet with a light and due to dirty walls and leaks in the ceilings also a minor jacket is given. 
The tour underground lasts about 1-1,5 hours, the total duration of this tour is about 6 hrs. A tour guide can be booked from Tallinn, so during the drive to Kohtla Mining Park-Museum you will have a great chance to see and learn the historical and countryside sights of northern parts of Estonia. 
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