Botanical Garden of Tallinn

Take a ten-minute drive from the city noise and discover the harmony of pure nature, landscape architecture, exotic plants, and local Estonian herbs – all this in the Tallinn Botanic Garden, in a picturesque place in the valley of the Pirita River. Thousands of different plants will surprise not only professional botanists but any person wishing to relax and enjoy nature.

Patarei Prison

Culture Park Patarei presents the history of Patarei sea fortress-prison and also carries out various events throughout the year.

In 1828 Nicholas I of Russia mandated the building of the sea fortress of Patarei. Over the years it has had different functions – in 1864 functioning as barracks, in 1920 as a prison and since 2007 as a Culture Park.

This unique 19th century example of Tallinn's top architecture has now in the 21st century changed from a longtime symbol of repressions to a favorite place for residents of the nation's capital and visitors, a multifunctional place to spend free time.

One hour tour of Patarei sea fortress-prison gives an overview of the history of Patarei which is spiced with myths and folklore of the prison.

2-hour tour that includes a visit to Patarei and also a tour in neighboring hydroplane port where visitors can enter the icebreaker Suur Tõll and the oldest submarine in the world still in water Lembit.

Prison adventure is a 3-hour program during which the Patarei visitor follows every procedure of someone being incarcerated (fingerprints, photography etc.) followed by a tour and meal with a small schnapps.

Museum of Occupations

The permanent exposition of the Occupations Museum, which was opened in 2003, reflects developments in Estonia from 1940 to 1991, when Estonia was alternately occupied by the Soviet Union, Germany, and by the Soviet Union once more. More or less thematic temporary exhibition are also organized.

Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo was founded on 25th of August 1939.

Tallinn Zoo holds one of the best collections of mountain goats and sheep in the world. There is an outstanding number of eagles and vultures and a remarkable collection of owl and crane species. As to other animal groups, the choice is more modest. However, Tallinn Zoo can claim without boasting that during their existence of a bit more than 60 years the zoo has managed to assemble the most fascinating zoo collection in Northern Europe and achieved significant success in the reproduction of their nurselings. These achievements owe directly to the good will and skills of the staff of tallinn Zoo.

Tallinn Zoo is open every day of the year.

Estonian History Museum

"Spirit of Survival – 11,000 Years of Estonian History" is the permanent exhibition of the Estonian History Museum housed in the 600-year-old Great Guild Hall, one of the grandest medieval houses in Tallinn, and it depicts the exciting history of Estonia through several millennia, helping visitors understand the uniqueness of the people of this country and describing Estonia and the historical events that have affected the country the most. The Armoury Room, the interactive time capsule and the medieval merchant's house are exciting and informative for everyone, while Börsi Passage next to the Great Guild Hall hosts the open-air exhibition "Path of History" and a courtyard full of fun activities especially for younger visitors.

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