Tallinn - Blend of medieval and modern

Estonian Open Air Museum

Rocca Al Mare area is located on the coast of Kopli Bay, Tallinn. The Open Air Museum, with its twelve buildings, offers a fantastic overview of the agricultural life in Estonia during medieval times.

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KGB Museum & sightseeing in Tallinn

Hotel Viru was built in 1972, just a little less than 20 years of the Soviet period was left to endure. A hotel, good enough to accommodate foreigners, also had to be good enough for the national security bodies – the KGB. The museum represents a collection of the stories of two worlds.

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KUMU Museum & sightseeing in Tallinn

Opened in 2006, the impressive new main building of the Art Museum of Estonia is naturally a magnet for every visitor interested in Estonian culture. It comprises the museum collections and the restoration centre, as well as the multifunctional Kumu Art Museum.

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Seaplane Harbour & sightseeing in Tallinn

Seaplane hangars unique throughout the whole world and the complex that forms the Seaplane Harbour were initially completed as part of Peter the Great's Naval Fortress in 1916-1917. The brand new museum combines new and old, land and sea, and you are welcome to arrive at the harbour on board your own vessel.

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Bastion Passages & sightseeing tour

The numerous and mysterious passages inside the bastions were constructed simultaneously with the building of bastions in the 17th and 18th centuries. The earliest passages were constructed in the 1630s. The purpose of the bastions was to enable firing upon the attacking enemy on both flanks. The guns were lined up on top of the bastion.

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Sightseeing in Tallinn

Tallinn Sightseeing Tour starts with a drive to Pirita district. You can see Olympic Yachting Centre, built for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russalka monument, the ruins of Pirita monastery, Song Festival Ground and Kadriorg park. The tour continues with a drive through the city center and around the medieval walls of Tallinn Old Town.

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TV Tower & sightseeing in Tallinn

The view from Tallinn TV Tower is unique in Estonia as well as in all of Northern Europe. 
The captivating Tallinn Old Town and the glistening Baltic Sea in all of its majestic glory are off in the distance. When Estonia was still behind the Iron Curtain, this was for many Estonians a window on the free world – at night one could even catch sight of the lights of Helsinki.

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Saku Brewery

The brewing traditions in Estonia and Livonia date back to 1820, when Count Karl Friedrich Rehbinder built a distillery and a brewery on his estate on the bank of the Vääna River. From the same year onward the beer masters of Saku have brewed good Estonian beer from the best local groundwater, malt, hops and yeast.


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